Hi, I 've been trying to find a neat way of solving the following problem. I'm setting up a news section on a site, and I want to generate an archive menu as a list of months (and years), as a way of allowing users to view news items by month. In the database, my news items' dates are stored as unix timestamps. In my archive menu, I am generating the following url to filter by month and year, e.g news/may/2009. What I'm struggling to do at the moment is to take "May" and "2009" and retrieve all the items from the db which belong to this month and year. I've played about with this type of query, but can't get it quite right (the following isn't valid, but it hopefully demonstrates what i'm trying to do):

FROM_UNIXTIME(display_date,'%Y %D %M') 
FROM (`news`));
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.