I have been thinking on how to create a "teamwork tool" online where team members can discuss how to improve their work flow to speed up their overall performance and efficiency toward their goal as a team.

There is a person called The Facilitator, a person who doesn't belong to the team, it's just there to easy the teamwork discussion.

Some of "The Facilitator Role" 's responsabilities are...

1-making sure that meeting agendas reflect feedback and input from all members,
2-that the meetings start on time and end on time.
3-that all members have opportunities to contribute to discussions.
4-Make things happen with ease.
5-Help the group with the process.
6-Help the group with the "how" decisions.

Above are the primary responsibilities of a team facilitator. Again Facilitators are often NOT a member of the team so they can remain neutral in team decision making. When a facilitator is part of the team, the role of facilitator may rotate from member to member.

I just want some ideas to see how can we come with a final draft where there is a script that will serve as the "Facilitator role" let's say a Virtual facilitator.

if anybody has a two words idea please drop it...