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    Question Simplified forum script (more like threaded comments)

    Hi all

    I'm trying to emulate the 'forum' used here: to !dot! ly !slash! um1 (New Zealand Law Commission's TalkLaw online consultation website).

    As you can see, it's a single-topic page, and all discussions are on that one page and are threaded with post ratings (also an important feature I'd like to have). I'd like to achieve the same thing, with multiple topics (so multiple pages, one per topic). I've looked at numerous forum packages but none of them do precisely what I'm after. I'd like to have links on a main page to Topic 1, Topic 2 and Topic 3, then for each of those to link to a page much like the above (so there aren't subtopics and users don't create topics.. they just add to the discussion at the bottom).

    For this reason what I'm looking for takes the 'homepage' feeling of a forum but the 'comments restricted to a single, administrator-set topic' of a blog comments script.

    Obviously the main topics page has to be managed, so that admins can add topics and descriptions, so it's not enough to manually create a link to a static page which has a comments script embedded on it.

    Any thoughts? I'd much appreciated them!

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    WordPress and Disqus.

    Set up a WordPress blog for the topics. Customize the theme to have the forum-like appearance you want. Each topic is just a blog post.

    Install the Disqus plugin for threaded comments, ratings and other features. It replaces the WordPress comment system automatically.

    You can make it look nearly identical to the TalkLaw page with just some simple HTML/CSS tweaking.

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