Hi everyone,

I'm currently working on a website for a friend, doing it in HTML/CSS, finished most of it actually, but i'm having this issue that i need to solve before moving on, the website is going to have new pages and going to be updated frequently.

The thing is, there is one part in the header that is going to be updated with new text every now and then, and it should show on all pages, currently, i'll have to go thru each page and edit it. In the future when the number of pages become too big this will not be a logical way to do it if i want to change text.

I would like to learn and know if there is a way to make this particular part accessible from like one place, and when i change it in this one place changes will reflect in all other pages which will only have a link or reference to that single place.

I know it can be done in php, but i'm not a php expert and my website is already in html.

Any help is appreciated.