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    Thumbs up PHP Google Search Result script

    I want to make a script which will do the below:

    Visit G o o g l e . co . u k (pages from UK)

    And enter a keyword

    Ex: “web hosting”

    Get all the search results from page 2-7 for example, or page 4-15, will vary.

    Need to check for pages for each entry (both PPC and organic) that have pages beginning with contact/contact-us/contactus/cont or maybe us co.

    The programme needs to grab the telephone number, all 01/02/07 and 08 numbers. Need to also grab page rank and meta keywords.

    Then save in the database, along with domain.

    Is there anyway to build a script like this in php? If so what are guides?

    Many thanks
    I'm a Freelance Web Designer. Web design, That's My Passion.

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    Sounds as if you should either read the Google Search API docs, line by line (and the terms of service while you are at it) or, not bite off more than you can chew.


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