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    Hi, BETWEEN for VARCHAR type field.


    My employer asked me to debug a part of the app. and it is written by a co-worker.
    In the buggy query I found this in the table :
    Code MySQL:
    notice_period   Type:	varchar(255)
    and in the query:
    Code MySQL:
    `notice_period` BETWEEN 0 AND 30

    This conditions :
    "BETWEEN 0 AND 30" return the results thar are >0 and <30, and other results that have in the field chars (like "No payment"). I can't change the table structure because the app. is very big. I need a work around.

    Do you know haw I can make this query to work ?

    If I search "BETWEEN 0 AND 30" it will give me only the results that have the 'notice_period' BETWEEN 0 AND 30 and not the rows that have other text in it ?

    Thank you for the time,

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    you neglected to mention which database you're using

    this is the Databases forum and there is a separate subform for MySQL, but i'm going to guess you're using MySQL anyway, because of the wacky backticks

    try this --
    WHERE notice_period REGEXP '[^[:digit:]]' = 0
      AND notice_period BETWEEN 0 AND 30 | @rudydotca
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