I'm going to be implementing an auto complete so what I'm doing is grabbing all the IDs from one table and checking a 2nd table for the ID so that I can grab the persons name.

What I'm having issue with is how I should do this. Meaning, should I use a JOIN or two SELECTs. I would like to use a JOIN if possible.

table: vip
v_id - vid1(FK) - vid2(FK) - vconfirmed(enum[y, n])

table: customers
c_id - fname - lname

c_id is the primary key which is used in the vip table as foreign keys.

The reason I need both tables is because if they change their names I want it to update dynamically. Otherwise I would just store the names in the vip table.

So what I'm doing is as follow:

Code MySQL:
FROM vip
WHERE vconfirmed = "Y"
AND vid1 = 70

But for me to have the names I would need the 2nd table. So something like this is what I'm looking for:

Code MySQL:
SELECT vip.vid2, customers.id, customers.fname, customers.lname
FROM vip
INNER JOIN customers
ON vip.vid2 = customers.id
WHERE vip.vconfirmed = "Y"
AND vip.vid2 = 70

If I'm user 70, I want to grab all the IDs that match me. Take those IDs and join them with customers table that match vid2.

I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly? Can someone lend a hand? Thanks