Consider I have two tables.

1) `games` has fields (`id`, `name`, `action`, `adventure`, `arcade`, `online`, `author`).
2) `genre` has fields (`handle`, `name`).

`genre` table entries are as follows

'action', 'Action Games'
'adventure', 'Adventure Games'
'arcade', 'Arcade Games'
'online', 'Online Games'

example `games` table entries are as follows

'D764F', 'Road Strike', 'yes', 'no', 'yes', 'no', 'cleo'
'C372G', 'Lost Legends', 'no', 'yes', no', 'no', 'curtis'

So I want to get the values of fields of `games` table but the fields I want are those rows under `handle`.

I'm looking for something like the following.
Code MySQL:
$query = musql_query("SELECT (`genre`'s `handle` rows) FROM `games` WHERE `author`='cleo'");

then I'll get the values through php's mysql_fetch_array. But there is another problem then...since the SELECT fields from `games` are based on the rows of `handle` fields from `genre` table I wont be able do the following would I?

Code PHP:
while ($rows = mysql_fetch_array($query))
 if (rows['action'] == "yes") { echo "action" }
since I don't know what fields will be there on the SELECT (`genre`'s `handle` value).

I'm not sure if I explained myself well, but is there a way to achieve this?