anyone of you have used the function dba_open for db3 file...i am having problem with it...i have done following for solution

1- Installed database handler gdbm 1.8, copied the gdbm.dll file to PHP ext DIR
and system32 DIR and used the code as
$dbh = dba_open('m_cc_msc_e_paging.db3','c','gdbm') or die(mysql_error());
and it gave me following error.

Warning: dba_open(m_cc_msc_e_paging.db3,c) [function.dba-open]: No such handler: gdbm in D:\Projects\myDBAdmin\readdb3.php on line 3

2- Searched for db3 handler but didn't found some dll file to be used in windows
environment as i found for GBDM mentioned in above point.

I require from u people how to go with the .db3 file in PHP script so that i can extract data from that. i want to export the whole tables to Excel Sheets