Hi All,

I'm thinking of creating an(other) affiliate website but I will be concentrating on a niche area which tends not to get covered as well by the main big boys.

Some of the etailers provide xml feeds for their products but I can't find a tutorial to explain how I would pull *some* of that data and then display it on my website.

I say some because I only really need to pull a product ID and a price, the rest of the info I can store myself in my db (title, description, other attributes etc). I think all I would need to do is have an association table which matched IDs.

Can someone please explain how I go about this or if there's tutorial anywhere / book I could look at. There's loads of stuff online about creating a feed but it's the other side I'm looking for - pulling the data and displaying it...

Quick questions...

1. Would I display the data dynamically?
2. Could / Should I pull the data and copy that in an associated table?

Any help would be much appreciated!