Hello All --

I am looking for some help. I currently have the MRBS Calendar system (http://mrbs.sourceforge.net) installed for many of our clients.

One client is looking for an "Upcoming Events This Week" widget to show on their homepage. This widget would dynamically determine the current date and pull from the MRBS DB tables all upcoming events for the next 7 days. Results returned would be split out by date and link to the detail page.

I have modified a version of the week page included in MRBS and it is mostly working, though it does not seem to want to pull any new entries that I add after the fact.

So, I'm wondering if anyone has perhaps worked with MRBS before and has done something similar? Or maybe there are other suggestions or code snippets I could use, keeping in mind that I still need to pull my data from the MRBS tables and check my starting and ending times from those tables as well.

If someone could show me an example of how to dynamically determine the next 7 days from the current date, that would be a great start.

Thanks in advance for your help!

-- Chris