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    Cool Do you read web developers' magazines?

    I'm particularly interested in those available in Britain, but all contributions are welcome.

    I'm only just starting out with learning html/css/php/javascript and don't have the likes of dreamweaver, which seem to be the only magazines there are... magazines for programs not for languages?

    Any discussion is welcome, whether it helps me or not, but if you happen to be able to help me out that would be great.

    The sort of thing I'm after is magazines with discussion of the latest Magento roadmap, news of jQuery (I think 1.4 is expected in january) that sort of thing;Tips and tricks, trends and industry insights.

    Websites that fulfil that description would also be good.

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    Brocberry, I don't read any magazines because honestly, they tend to be mainly out of date by the time they reach the shelves (because of the speed our industry moves at) but one of the magazines people keep recommending is .NET Magazine which has a lot of well written articles by well known individuals in the industry, most magazines tend to be more generalistic about web design, they don't tend to be language or program explicit


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