Hi. I've set up a gallery of posters and signs that are used regularly in the hospital where I work. I have pngs of each PDF document and when you click on the image, the PDF opens.

No problem there. What I can't seem to figure out is how to have a "gallery" followed by some text followed by another "gallery."

For example:

Introduction to precautions signs yada yada yada
Various png of precautions signs
Introduction to hand hygiene posters
Various png of hand hygiene posters

Currently, when I write text after the gallery, the text runs right up next to the last image. I've tried putting each gallery in a DIV but that either a) appears to have no effect or b) places about 3 inches of blank space at the top of the page (can't figure that one out).

Any suggestions? Any examples of similar sounding pages that I could investigate?

Many thanks.