Currently my site, is done (badly) with tables, the old fashioned way. Looks fine in IE 5.x and Mozilla, but older Netscape/Mac has problems.

Anyway, I am working on changing it over to layer positioning via css. Basically, I'd like the same layout:

Banner that stretches across top of site. I sliced it up into tables so it would auto-resize based on resolution/browser size.

Nav bar (DHTML) under banner

Fixed width, fixed height left column

Center area with three sections - top for news headlines and such, middle for featured items, and the largest underneath for news updates and such.

The trick for the center area is I want it to auto-resize as well, just like the logo does.

Fixed width, fixed height right column

Footer area that runs across bottom of page.

How you see the site now is pretty much how I want it to look - the center area re-sizes along with the logo and footer depending on browser size/resolution, the left and right columns are fixed. The trouble I am having doing this with <div> et. all in CSS is I can't figure out how to have a layer for the logo, footer, and center areas that resizes - I can only get them to work fixed-width. I've looked at the excellent examples on among others but this eludes me. Anyone have any ideas? Or even suggestions if I am going about this the completely wrong way?