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    Charities Bulk Buying Together (website)

    I have thought this many times and I really wish I had the skills to give it a go yet it probably requires a number of people for it to be a success.

    I've wanted to create a website which helps charities come together to bulk buy products and collectively save money.

    I remember in the early days of the Internet a number if websites sprang up which helped consumers bulk buy together. When their were 500 orders together an order would be placed with a distributor at a tidy discount which was past onto the consumer. Could this model work charities? Lets say a website could save charities in America $5,000,000 but the sites running costs were $500,000 that would be a great aicheivement.

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    They're called Co-ops these days. I've got something in the early planning stages right now, tied to my culinary training, that will be a co-op for allow Churches to leverage food purveyors to get materials at a better cost.
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