I see from a search of the forums here, Zikula (formerly PostNuke) has not been discussed here at all (PostNuke on the other hand has quite a few posts). I've been around here for a while, but not very active, generally, this forum is a little more active than I tend to be comfortable trying to keep up with, but I'm working on scheduling my days better to participate in more forums

The Development team has long held annual meetings in Europe (because the bulk of the core team is in Europe, or at least on that side of the Atlantic). There's been a bit of a demand for a North American meeting of some sort for quite awhile, and I finally got tired of the "we need to do this" posts and decided to, in the words of Nike, "Just Do It". So I've started the process of hosting a Bar Camp in the Pacific Northwest US (Portland, Oregon area to be exact) next year sometime, focused not as much on the developers (unless we can get some of the 3rd party application developers involved) but on the end users. Covering what Zikula is, what it can do, and how to use it for maximum effect. Since it appears that the project is not even being discussed here, consider this an invitation first, to check out http://community.zikula.org and learn about the project, and second, to visit http://zikulanw.net and consider joining us next year in the Silicone Forrest .