Hi guys

I've had a spot of bother recently with my host. FTP has been unreachable randomly and the brown-outs are so bad that I decided to give up and move my site to my own WAMP server.

Here's what I am using:
Windows XP
Apache 1.3 (Has some mods which v2 doesn't)

Now.. Can anyone tell me why php has decided to start throwing wobblies over almost EVERYTHING?

This is the common message I'm getting:
Notice: Undefined index: to in p:\turbozerv\www\test\modules\messages.php on line 33

The line of code in question is this:
$Compose_To = $_HTTP['to'];
Now mysteriously, if I then use my code tester page to run this code:
$_HTTP['to'] = 'tango';
$Compose_To = $_HTTP['to'];
print $Compose_To;
It works!

Apparently I've not got to test ALL variables first using the isset() function just in case its empty string, false bool, 0 integer etc.

I've never had this problem with php4 previously, so whats happened?