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    I am Rohit Shankar from Bangalore, India. I am working on a site that provides free guestbooks, counters, voting polls, etc in the developer section. The site also has 'MP3 Madness', which is dedicated completely to MP3 Hardware and Software. I also have a store, a decision helper and a load of quizzes. Also found are some jokes and tech articles.

    I would like to know if it is possible to get about 1000 page views a day with this content.
    Also, where can I advertise ?

    Also, users who get about 3-4k hits a day, where do u advertise and how do u do it?


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    Personally I think it will be difficult to make your site successful as it is now. The way I see it you have at least two different sites and each should be expanded under its own domain name.

    Site #1: Webmaster tools. Add discussion forums to that and you can have very good success. Especially if you target a niche like say Webmasters in India, not the whole world but still a potential 1 billion customers. Advertise on Webmaster resource sites, get links in directories, make sure your tools carry your advertisement as well.
    Build a weekly newsletter with design tips and helpful articles, send it to all your members.

    Site #2: MP3 Madness. This could be a killer site all by itself. Hardware and software is a big market for these right now. With reviews and recommendations it could fill a good niche. Add to this links and/or affiliate partnerships with legitimate MP3 distributors like and you will have a great site. One more feature that would be nice is to allow the user's add to the reviews similar to what does. Properly done this site has the potential to draw a few hundred thousand hits a day. Advertise this site on music sites, get into discussions about music in different forums. Post the site in newsgroups related to music.

    The rest is kind of a jumbled mess but that is without seeing the content. Depending on the content depends on where it should go. Some might even be expandable into a site of its own right.

    Building a successful site takes a lot of energy and hard work. Try to post your site(s) in as many places as possible. Put them in your email signatures and in your forum signatures. Build loyalty and get your users to advertise for you by word of mouth, still the most effective promotional tool in the world today. Write letters to your favorite magazines, include a short 2 line signature with your name and site address in it. If they print your letter you just got free advertising to hundreds of thousands if not millions of readers. Submit your site for magazine reviews for the same concept.

    I hope this helps you some.

    Wayne Luke - Sitepoint Forums Administrator
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