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    Quote Originally Posted by cheesedude View Post
    Without a width, the shadow extends the full width of the screen regardless of the content inside.
    Yeah thats what a divs do. If you want it to shrink wrap it's content then either float the outer shadow or AP it. Both work.

    Quote Originally Posted by cheesedude View Post
    Just to let you know, the CSS in your demo does not match the CSS in your explanation of it. Some people will certainly be confused by it.
    Yes, I'm aware. I do not code/cater for people that would be confused by that. It's merely a simplified version void of frills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheesedude View Post
    By the way, does anyone know how mobile devices handle these single shadow images? I get a lot of visitors on iPhones and other mobile devices.
    I just looked at my demo on my mac Iphone emulator and the shadows don't seem to show. The page looks fine but the shadows seem to be missing. Might be something to do with the way that the iphone scales all pages to fit.


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