We're in the process of designing our web app that will be built in a django framework & I guess im the digital marketing guy that wants to understand what the technical guys talk about a bit better.

I've got a few questions that I was hoping you guys could he help me out with (you all come highly recommended)

1. The front end of the site will be built in a php CMS pre-authentication & once you've logged in, your in the django engine. Can the site continue it's design theme/aesthetics post login? How flexible is Django's templating relevant to Modx? The front end site will be built in Modx & the actual app built & running in Django. Is this the best way to go about this? The front end is designed to educate & convert, the app's where the magic happens.

2. Why is Djanngo/Python the recommended framework when it comes to web app development?

3. Where can I read more about current web app development? I.e. standards, trends etc? What sites, blogs, specific articles should I be reading? I guess what I'm trying to say here is where/how can I shorten the skill gap in this area.

4. How secure is Djano?

5. What other frameworks are web apps built in?

6. In terms of our app, we're starting with the UI's first, developing UI flows & screen mocks that we then had planned to have designed, sliced & built into django. The app is designed to serve as a niche marketplace for products & services (not creative). We're starting with the UI's first as this seems logical, however are we going about this the right way? When building web apps, is there a fairly standard design & development process/framework that we could be working to?

I understand this may be really basic stuff for you guys, however your help here is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Adam.