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    I need urgent help before I send out my newsletter tomorrow!!

    I am currently using RobMail and I put the line wrap thingy to 65 characters, and type it out all nice. The preview looks ok before it's sent...

    But upon checking the final thing... it's horrible!!!

    It worked fine in a Hotmail account... but everywhere else; Outlook, netscape and a bunch of freebie webmail; it just totally destroys it!!

    Like, lines joined together... two words to a line, none of the paragraphs showing up... in a word; none of the formatting works!

    What am I doing wrong?! How can I fix this up??
    Please, please!
    Thank you!

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    I am not sure if this will solve *all* your problems, but try manually pressing the "ENTER" key at the end of each line to force the lines to wrap. That should solve a lot of your problems even if the final result isn't perfect.

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