Moderator, don't delete my message. I am not trying to advertise anything here. I just want to share my findings of this affiliate program.

Four weeks ago, I was searching for an affiliate program that can fill my 120x240 ad space. Then, I stumbled on a website called Affinia. Affinia pays affiliates $2 CPM for first month. After the "probation period", Affinia will evaluate its ad performance on your site to determine the final CPM rate. It states the highest CPM rate can go up to $5. Not too bad for filling up an empty space. Other programs pay affiliate on commissions or pay-per-leads. None of them pay based on CPM.

This is so cool. However, Affinia requires affiliates to have over 250,000 page views before they even consider you.

I joined the network and I am quite satisifed with the result, given your site has over 250,000 page views.

I think I forgot what this affilite program offers. Affinia actually works with Amazon and other big players to sell discounted merchandise. If your site is accepted, Affinia will evaluate your site content to see what merchandise fits your site. This process takes over 4 days. On my site, all the rotating Affina ads, 120x240, are computer related. But Affinia monitor its affiliates very closely to see if they are still good for the company.

That's all.

Don't delete my post. I want to hear some feedbacks.

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