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    Set pixel dimensions or percentages?

    Which is better for usability and accessibility?

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    That is a very broad question, you might need to be more specific...

    Generally speaking in terms of both accessibility and usability it doesn't make a difference, as long as you ensure your clickable areas are large enough so that the physically handicapped can "click" without needing nimble dexterity it should be fine. As a matter of the text in your website, you would be better off using a relative font such as EM, PX measurements have the unfortunate side effect in Internet Explorer that text resize do not work when the pixel based fixed width measurement are in use. Truthfully though the measurement unit you use doesn't matter, just as long as you ensure that the layout and style of the website (in general) are easy to use and work for various needs. Accessibility and usability are about more than a choice of measurement, your asking questions about the tools rather than the end result or the method in which they are applied. If you want more information, give a more detailed question.


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