Is anyone else noticing problems with CJ?
I added a smart zone code to my site and it worked fine for a few days and then all the sudden it started causing my pages to load the top part only and then freeze for about 30-45 seconds and then load all the rest of the page at once. When it did load there the banner didn't even show up. the issue went away as soon as I removed the code.

I have not re-added the code as of yet since I have not recieved any reply to the email I sent CJ on this issu for about 3 weeks now. I know they said they were backlogged but thats a bit rediculus.

I have some other questions I want to ask them about different things but I haven't emailed them since I feel as if it probably wouldn't be answered. I wish they had left the forums so that I could just ask the questions there.