Hi all,

I'm doing a work project that requires Flash CS3 / AS 2. I have a rather interesting and hairy problem that is taking up quite a bit of time and sanity.

I'm working on a banner that reveals a new design on rollover, and switches back to the first design on rollout. This part works fine. However, the problem is that the second design also includes a clickable call-to-action button. When the mouse hovers over this button, it counts this as a rollout, and goes back to the first design.

So far, I've tried converting the click area to a movie clip, and then using Actionscript to attempt to make that movie clip clickable:

Code Actionscript:
_root.cta_instance.buttonMode = true;
_root.cta_instance.onRelease = function () {

This prevents the triggering of rollout, but it hasn't worked to make it clickable.

I bow down to your collective expertise. Thanks in advance for preventing more gray hairs on my head!