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    How did this site achieve full-browser images?

    Hi everyone!

    I getting ready to completely redesign my site in October. I dream of full screen background images that scroll to show off my work. However, I don't want to use Flash to do it.

    So, I've been collecting inspiration from around the Internet and trying to decode what they've done. This site: is close to what I'm thinking. Full screen background image with content on top.

    Can anyone point me towards how to achieve this. Jquery--but what plugins? I've looked at SuperSized but it doesn't seem to allow content divs to be placed on top. Ideally I'd like the background image to "scroll" carousel style into new images on click. Basically, allowing you to peruse my portfolio without loading new pages.

    Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks!

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    Well I would just place an <img> absoltuely in the page and give it height:100&#37;;width:100% (make sure the other content on the page has a z-index (depending on how you set up your markup) to have it appera on top)

    This is the script they use to screw with the background (I think)
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