I purchased a dedicated server from arizonahost Jul 15/09.

They had an attractively priced product, but kind of a crappy billing system -- I got a manually generated notification that they had received my order some hours after ordering. No big deal.

When I try responding to their email, I get non delivery errors. This happens about 50% of the time, with their host rejecting the email.

They forget to send me my control panel Id, even after handover of the server. They give me a server with less disk space than it should have, made up of a configuration of two drives (so now my disk is split) of which one is non functioning. I apprise them of this through their crappy email , because no one has given me a login to to ticket system yet.

They eventually resolve the problem, however they dont notify me that they are having to order a hard disk, so I have to chase them down to find out I have to wait for several days.

Fast forward 2 months -- my server has gone down and come back up randomly a few times, considering its a bone install that they did of server 2008 I can only attribute this to their data center, but, its remotely possible this is a config/app issue that is my fault. At some point my server goes down, and doesn't come back up, at all.

After waiting a couple hours, I email in. (Because I still don't have access to the ticketing system). They tell me they've taken the server down because I haven't made a payment. They also say they sent me an email.

I respond, asking for directions on what to do, expressing my confusion, and telling them I never received their email, and reminding them that I've never gotten access to the ticketing system which I can only assume houses the billing system so I can fix whatever has gone wrong.

I get a terse email telling me to call their offices and that they won't be accepting paypal credit card from me again. This surliness alarms me and gets my radar up.

I email once again, explaining that I'm happy to rectify the problem, if only they will deliver instructions on how to do this, using my preferred payment method (since they've given me no reason why I need to be giving them my CC# direct ... and considering, I'm cautious about doing this now). Or, they can consider my account cancelled.

They respond by cancelling the account.

And, this is how word of mouth works.

They have a great product and nice pricing, but crappy procedures, bad communication, and surly customer service. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Time with ArizonaHost:
Less than 3 months