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Thread: Cookie anyone?

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    Cookie anyone?

    Does anyone share this problem...and if so, how do you resolve it?

    I've set up WampServer on my home PC to provide a development server. However, I'm constantly tinkering with minor changes on my pages and as I use Notepad++, I then use http://localhost/filename to view the changes (rather than use the likes of design view in Dreamweaver).

    The problem I have is that IE7 remembers that I've viewed the page before and often just reloads it without implementing the changes. I'm not sure if this is cookies or cache. Please excuse my terminology, I'm a learning newbie.

    Now...I can get round this by using Tools > Delete Browsing History, but that is becoming a complete pain in the @rse, as I do it so often.

    I also think it may be possible instruct IE not to keep the browsing history in the first place (although I don't know how to do this). That said, it is useful for some things - like not having to sign in to sitepoint forums every time I'm stuck, which is a lot!

    I'd appreciate your advice.


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    Cookies provide a means in Web applications to store user-specific information. For example, when a user visits your site, you can use cookies to store user preferences or other information. When the user visits your Web site another time, the application can retrieve the information it stored earlier.

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    You could also try a hard-refresh (CTRL+F5).
    @AnthonySterling: I'm a PHP developer, a consultant for and the organiser of @phpne, a PHP User Group covering the North-East of England.

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    I think you'll have to change your tagline SilverBullet...I'd suggest;

    "Clearing headaches without the use of pills, gratis!"

    Thanks also Rockiey for your reply.


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    Did a quick google on CTRL+F5 and found this...hope it's useful for someone:

    ctrl + C - Copy items to clipboard
    ctrl + V - Paste items from clipboard
    ctrl + X - Cut and copy items to clipboard
    ctrl + Z - Undo last action
    ctrl + A - Select all items on page
    ctrl + D - Add page to favorites list
    ctrl + B - Open and organize favorites list
    ctrl + E - Open search companion
    ctrl + I - Open favorites list
    ctrl + H - Open history list
    ctrl + P - Print page
    ctrl + S - Save page
    ctrl + W - Close window
    ctrl + N - Open new window
    ctrl + L - Go to a new location
    ctrl + O - Go to a new location
    ctrl + f5 - Unconditional refresh
    ctrl + R - Refresh page
    ctrl + F - Find on this page
    ctrl + TAB - Move forward between frames
    ctrl + ENTER - Add www. and .com to address bar entry
    ctrl + LEFT ARROW - Move cursor left to break in address bar
    ctrl + RIGHT ARROW - Move cursor right to break in address bar
    ctrl + PRNT SCN - Capture whole screen
    ctrl + CLICK - Open multiple favorite folders

    ALT + D - Select address bar text
    ALT + Z - Display zoom percentages in print preview
    ALT + C - Close print preview
    ALT + PLUS - Print preview zoom in
    ALT + MINUS - Print preview zoom out
    ALT + END - Show last page to be printed
    ALT + HOME - Show first page to be printed
    ALT + RIGHT ARROW - Next page
    ALT + LEFT ARROW - Previous page
    ALT + A - Number of pages shown in print preview
    ALT + P - Set print options
    ALT + U - Change Page setup in print preview
    ALT + HOME - Return to your homepage
    ALT + G - Toggle to Google Toolbar
    ALT + F4 - Close Window
    ALT + TAB - Cycles through running applications
    ALT + PRNT SCN - Screen capture

    SHIFT + CLICK - Open link in new window
    SHIFT + F3 - Cycle Caps
    SHIFT + F10 - Right click menu

    WINdoWS + M - Minimize all windows
    WINdoWS + D - Show desktop
    WINdoWS + TAB - Cycle through taskbar
    WINdoWS + R - Run
    WINdoWS + E - Open Windows Explorer

    UP ARROW - Scroll up
    doWN ARROW - Scroll down
    TAB - Toggle forward through page items
    ESC - Stop downloading page
    BACKSPACE - Back button
    F1 - Display help
    f5 - Refresh page
    F11 - Toggle full screen mode


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