I'm looking for content ideas for my Star Wars Site. I've got a bookstore (ready), FFA Links page (almost ready), a quiz (almost ready), and a forum (ready). I am also in the process of getting a totally different design.

I have limited space (well, actually I don't want to use all my space up) so I can't do things like have an image gallery or sound gallery or something like that. (I leave those up to theforce.net and jedinet.com)

I was thinking of doing a postcard service where people can send postcards of Star Wars pictures. However, I would have to obtain my pictures from the above sites (which probably would be okay because I think I probably would be able to use them)

I don't want to do a timeline because that is too complicated and this was not meant to be a huge site, its just a hobby of mine.

I am open to suggestions, though.