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    Online Directory Software

    Hi there,
    I've currently got a client who is asking for some online directory software which he wants me to design the front end for. Basically he wants it to be a bit like where people pay for listings which can then be searched by visitors.

    For example "plumber" and "maidenhead" in 2 different search boxes.

    A system which he has shown me is edirectory which is a very expensive solution! I was wondering if anyone had come across any cheaper alternatives which are similar in functionality, but also have a fully customisable front end?

    Also, if you'd be able to give vague install and design times if they differ greatly from standard site builds?


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    Hey adover,

    Take a look at the classifieds section of hotscripts and you'll find over 40 options listed there.

    I've looked at phpyellow and phpmydirectory before and they've been around for a number of years now so I have to think they're decent sellers and has something that could be used for a business directory too.

    Most programs once installed don't give you too many options to customize the look or layouts, so setup really shouldn't take long unless you don't like how they look out of the box.

    You can also do something basic with wordpress if you don't mind some manual work to setup categories and entries - but if you want users to signup for their own accounts and pay for them online, you'll need one of the other options I mentioned.

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