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    If everyone who views your Intranet uses IE7 do you need resizable fonts?

    One of my clients has an Intranet and we are planning on skinning their forum so that the fonts are resizable. We've been doing % and em font sizes for so long it's probably easiest for us to do it this way. And we think it's best practice for accessibility, especially in a world where IE6 exists.

    But on their Intranet everyone will use IE7 which has a zoom control.

    Do you think in this environment it matters if the font sizes are expressed in pixels?
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    I would never express font sizes in pixels, the problem is that you never know how the reader is going to end up reading it, how well they can read the font size you specify or any of the other relative conditions which may affect their browsing experience. Even though zoom does tend to allow resizing fixed font sizes like PX it just isn't a safe bet with Internet Explorer, therefore I would go with relative font sizes, after all, you may as well give everyone the best experience possible


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