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    New to Flash - Need some tips


    The way I learnt html was by playing with templates etc. Trying to do same with Flash. I have Flash 8. I downloaded some templates, and some do not allow me to open the fla (wrong version). Now, as I have the source, can I create a new flash website using the source files. Compile is from scratch?

    Been trying and failing to work it out. Any tips greatly appreciated.

    In the template I downloaded there is:

    fonts/ (6 font files)
    html/ index.html index.swf swfobject.js

    Is the index.swf constructed using the jpg and the .fla? What makes the .fla?
    I am thinking that maybe I am struggling as I have not grasped the basic concepts yet!
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    The .fla is the layered (editable) flash file.
    The .swf is the mix down of that file into a publishable movie.
    index.html is the code that embeds it on a webpage.
    swfobject.js is a means to embed the .swf file
    the .jpg is probably imported into the .fla but could be being loaded externally(but i doubt it)
    index.psd is (i am guessing) the entire layout mockup done in photoshop
    and the fonts are the fonts that are used within the .swf.

    Here is a good article for beginners to Flash, albeit kinda old it's a good starting point:

    More questions? Just ask!!!! I or someone will be glad to assist!


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