I created a site report using Dreamweaver MX trial version. The report is save as a file with .xml extension.

When i view it in IE6.0, I see the following:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes" ?>

<mm_reportname> ResultsReport.xml</mm_reportname>
<mm_reportdate>06/11/02 21:04:13</mm_reportdate>
<mm_reportlocation>C:\\Documents and Settings\Myname\My Documents\My Webs\Foldername\</mm_reportlocation>

....[lots of code here]
The <mm_reportitem> items are collapsable, just like the message on this forum [notice the small negative
signs to the left of the postdate? ]

Is it supposed to be like that or is there a "NICER" way to view it. do i need a server side language to view it [like php]?

Someone enlighten me on this situation. Thanks.