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    How To Know Who You Can Trust In Internet MArketing

    I want to make one comment about the IM niche and who you should trust and stay away from from the perspective of being a consumer of products or someone doing a business relationship with any of the big name marketers.

    Here is the deal. These people are great at selling. Some of them do huge launches and many launches a year to generate millions upon millions in sales. They have studied human psychology and selling and have it down to an art form.

    When they do million dollar launches using these techniques it gives them a sense of power. It can make one feel they are bigger than life and certainly have a huge power of persuasion over their audience.

    Such a thing is going to change a person. It can give a person a sense of humility. It can give a person a sense of honor or joy. But for these good feelings to happen the person has to believe in their product. They have to believe that they are really providing people value and helping them.

    If they are not doing these things with the things they sell then they are more likely to look at the people buying them with contempt – to think they are stupid or that they are smarter than they are because they tricked them into buying their product.

    People tend to justify the things they do to themselves so instead of recognizing the reality that they ran a scam they hold contempt for the people who bought – thinking it is their fault for being so stupid. They are idiots for just buying stuff and never opening them up or using them they think. 90% of the IM buyers won’t even consumer what they bought – so I can just play my tricks and revel in my power and look down on the little people they may tell themselves.

    The thing is any business person who thinks about their customers like that is more of a narcissistic con man than an ethical businessman. They also are likely to begin to hold the whole world in contempt, because they provide no value to the rest of the world, but suck on it like a parasite. As these feelings breed they also will come to see business partners and associates as people to just use too. They’ll even “launch” new products to not give a damn about the people they use to front them – not caring if they crash and burn. All they care about is making money and will do anything for a buck.

    So, you can easily tell who in the Internet marketer space you can trust as a buyer or partner and who you can’t. All you need to do is look at the quality of the products they put out. That will tell you all you need to know.

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    I agree. I'd like to add that you definitely should not trust any internet marketer who spams.


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