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    Question Chevron process graphic

    I'm talking about creating graphics that would indicate the user's progress in registering or working through a process such as registering.


    Welcome > User Info > User Address > Company Information > Confirm Account

    As indicated by the bold in this case, the user can see he is on the User Address section, and Company Information will be next.

    Is there a tool for creating graphics like this? Any other suggestions?

    Also, I should mention, this will not be dynamic due to the restrictions placed on me - it will simply be a static image placed on each different page. So yes, I would have to go back and manually edit the graphic to emphasize each section.


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    Not entirely sure I understand the question, you obviously know that you will have to manually edit the text and save them out as images. It really comes down to what you have available to work with as to what work flow is going to be fastest/easiest.

    If you set up a photoshop/fireworks file that has consistent dimensions and settle on a font size then you can easily punch out a line of text consistently and very quickly.


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