Hi Guys,
Well, I have a couple of issues i need your help with.
1. I own the website http://www.darklights.com/ambar
The current traffic stands at approx. 200,000-250,000 daily pageviews and 7500-8500 uniques. I am currently running banners with engage media but they are giving me very little cpm and are not selling all my inventory. I want to move to a better banner network or start to sell my own adspace (lets say I have my own adserver). DoubleClick has rejected me twice so far, and I don't know any other big banner network that would be worth the while. Also, I would rather sell my own advertising, and the rate I want to charge is 2.5$-4$, which I know is a low rate but I don't know where to start and the such. So any help would be useful. If you have any info please post it.
2. I applied for luna networks (http://lunanetwork.about.com/) some time ago and they replied now. Before they send me the information they want me to sign an NDA. Does anyone have experience with Luna networks? Do they perform good? do they have a good downtime, do they sell 100% inventory? Is the 2yr contract worth it? Please, I need any info you can disclose here in the forums.

Best Regards,
Itay Neeman

Best Regards,
Itay Neeman

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