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    Transparency needed for DIV's background Image


    I am setting up a website that uses layered DIVs. One of the body DIVs has a 5x5pixel semitransparent PNG file as a repeating background image. The transparency works in IE 7, Google Chrome etc but doesn't work on older versions of IE. I have located a fix for making PNG 24 transparency work on older IE but it requires adding code around the IMG tags in the HTML's body and, therefore, cannot be added to the DIV's properties. Is there any way of making the background image work as a semitransparent background?

    This particular background is just a solid colour so I'm sure there is a way of setting a DIVs background colour to be semitransparent instead of using a PNG?

    If possible though, I would like to know how to apply a degree of transparency to a PNG image being used as a background for future use?


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    I think this question should really belong to the Web development section instead of Flash. Anyways IE based browsers before version 7 does not have support for PNG transparency, in order to force PNG transparency in prior to IE7 browsers you need to make use of a filter called "DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader", check the following search results from png transparency in IE6
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