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    Rotation won't reset on button click

    Hi actionscripters,

    The problem that I have is that on a flash website that I am coding I need an object to spin 720degrees clockwise, then I have a handle finish function which navigates to the next frame once the tween is complete. The next frame rotates the same object back counterclockwise by 720degrees as an intro.

    On top of this, I have a timer which rotates the object clockwise by 120 degrees
    every 4 seconds.

    The problem that I am having is that if you click the button that navigates to the next frame during one of the timer's 120degree rotations the object ends up out of sync. Also, even if you disable the 720degree intro rotation tweens then if you click the button repeatedly the object also goes out of sync.

    I have attached an example FLA file to show my problem. Within the actionscript panel you can see that I have disabled the intro tweens. If you click the button ONCE during the timer's rotation tween it navigates to the second frame, resets the rotation and continues properly in frame two, but click it repeatedly and it goes out of sync. If you enable the intro tweens and click the button EVEN ONCE during the timer's rotation then it navigates to the next frame and then goes out of sync.

    My coding is a bit messy and probably inefficient so any help with a better way to do this would be appreciated.

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