I have checked this forum and I think this is the first post about infrenion. I'd just like to point out that I have no affiliation with them whatsoever.

Before switching to Infrenion I was with 1and1 and had a lot of trouble with them as the server used to crash every few days and I was constantly ringing their support, which annoyed me. I also hate it when my site is offline

I moved to http://www.infrenion.com/ as I saw they were recommended on a video hosting site. I now have two dedicated servers with them, both based in UK datacentres, but they also do them in the USA. I also have a shared hosting account with them for a few small sites.

I have had a few small problems with infrenion, but nothing that could not be overcome. Their support is good and they normally fix any problems very quickly. Since moving to infrenion my main site has hardly crashed at all and if it does it is normally sorted very quickly (when it was with 1and1 it crashed a couple of times per week).

For the dedicated servers I pay 100.99 for one and 104.99 for the other, but it is well worth it and when I took these servers out this was a very good price for servers based in the UK.

You also get cpanel with infrenion and webhost manager as well with the dedicated.

I'd recommend them to anyone