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    I have account with (ASO) and would like to share it.

    General Features [7]
    ASO uses Cpanel, so the features is all the same. Except they allow unlimited domain in single hosting account. But the rest is totally the same as other Cpanel hosting.

    Reliability [8]
    I'm hosting my online store with ASO and everything is perfect, except for some major downtime lately. One is because their DNS servers hacked and one is because some of their server compromised.

    Customer Support [9]
    Customer support is fantastic. They reply fast and prompt.
    Actually, I seldom contact their Support since everything is working normal.

    Pricing [7]
    I started with their Tiny Plan: 75MB Space & 3GB Bandwith, cost me US$20 per year.
    Then I upgraded to their Small Plan: 400MB & 10GB Bandwith until today, cost me US$5 per month.

    Space [6]
    Web hosting space at ASO is a fortune, you can not get GBs space for $5 like others do, but since I never use that much space, the space is enough.

    Speed [8]
    Their speed is good and reliable.

    Bandwidth (Data Transfer) [6]
    Bandwith allocation is not "unlimited", but it is reliable.

    SUMMARY [7]
    The Good
    At simple word, I'm happy with ASO. This month, I already a year with them and have no intention to move. My online store with ASO:

    The Bad
    This is not actually bad thing about ASO, but it is true that space and bandwith in ASO is a fortune.

    Your opinion
    Yes, I recommend ASO.

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    It looks like it is hosted at ASO, thanks for the review.
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    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with ASO, as they're colloquially known. Glad to hear you're a happy camper there. - budget hosts, compared - web hosting coupons

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