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    Google Analytics Question

    Hi guys,

    I have a question how Google Analytics would track the following scenario.

    Visitor does a Google search, and is brought to my site. He makes a purchase. Analytics credits Revenue to the search keyword he used. [No question here, I think]

    Visitor forgot about our site already. We send him an email newsletter, (with appropriate tracking information), and he returns and makes another purchase?
    What will Analytics credit the revenue to? The ORIGINAL visit (Monday - search query), or today's email newsletter campaign?

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    I don't know the answer, but I know how you can find out.

    Clear the cookies in your browser. Do a search that brings up your site and click the listing. View the cookies in your browser and copy what's in the __utmz cookie Google set (I believe this is the one with the referrer information).

    Now open your e-mail and click one of the tracked links.

    If the cookie was overwritten with new source information, then the e-mail campaign would get the credit, since that's what will be in the cookie when it's read on the goal page.

    If the cookie was not overwritten, then the first cookie set is the one that will be credited.


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