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    Streamline my form development... [Help Please]


    I'm working on a site right now which uses around 20 forms (all slightly different, some have 10 input fields, others have 5 etc.).
    Each of them does some very basic Javascript Form Validation (checking for empty fields), then PHP Form Validation, then if no errors are found at that point it'll either INSERT or UPDATE the table in my db.

    However, I really feel I could be speeding up the process a fair bit.

    I have attached a typical form 'signup.php'.

    Basically I'd love to get some help in 'modularising' this particular script, so I could perhaps limit the amount of code in the script itself. Using functions, or whatever so I could even reuse elements across the rest of my site.

    I'd really like as many people as possible to chip in with this.

    Thanks for any help.
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