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    mysql_fetch_field query

    I am developing a website that requires a lot of admin forms and want to simplify how I create them.

    What I would like to do is use the mysql_fetch_field function to get info about the structure of the database table that the form info will be inserted into.

    Once I have the name for the each of the table fields, I have the name for each of the form fields etc.

    I was hoping to use max_length of the field with an if / else to decide between an input or a textarea in the form. However I now realise that this is the length of the longest value not the maximum length specified when the table was created.

    If anyone has any ideas for how I could interrogate the database to find out whether a field is char(50) and or say char(150), I'd be very grateful.

    Hope this makes sense!

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    Funny you say that, I use a similar system but I define the form elements in an ini file.

    eg people.boot.ini
    ;<?php exit(' you won\'t see my ini file'); ?>
    ; Bootstrap file for simple models
    ; Options for PDO are : INT STR NULL BOOL LOB
    ; params : PDO - field_type - size - HTML_Label
    id				= INT
    first_name		 	= STR-text-40-First name 
    last_name		 	= STR-text-40-Family name 
    description		 	= STR-textarea-400-Describe your complaint
    I'd like to generate the bare bones of that automatically from a table too.

    FWIW this file does 2 things, enables some simple database CRUD, and helps me generate simple form elements.

    $arr( 'first_name' , 'last_name' ) ;

    echo $this->generateFormElements( $arr ) ;

    I think total form element generation, such as you seem to mean, is not granular enough - this leaves plenty of override.

    Textarea 1 might be just that, where Textarea2 might need WYSIWYG controls adding to it, etc etc.

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    You can run the following SQL statement to obtain info about your column names/types/length:

    DESCRIBE my_table_name
    more details at:


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