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Thread: Link headers

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    Link headers

    I was reading through the HTML spec recently, and recently came across a note at the end of section 12 (links):
    For versions of HTTP that define a Link header, user agents should handle these headers exactly as LINK elements in the document. HTTP 1.1 as defined by [RFC2616] does not include a Link header field (refer to section 19.6.3).
    It is indeed not defined in RFC2616 apparently due to being rarely implemented; the RFC instead refers to RFC2068, where link headers are described in detail (section

    What are people’s thoughts on using this? Is it non‐standard? In a quick test it seems that Opera and Firefox support it while IE6 and Lynx don’t, so I won’t be giving up <link> tags anytime soon. It seems like it might be useful for non‐HTML files, though—I’m thinking sending “Link: <>; rel="next"” when somebody views image1.jpg, for instance.

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    I include them just-because, and then don't rely on them. So what if only Opera users (and then only a few) see a toolbar at the top with a link to "author" or "home"? Bah.

    I think it's fun to have for things like Easter Eggs. Little hidden pages some people might find if they're using the right browser.

    Like Javascript, you simply cannot rely on them. So they are a nicety that you have to decide if you want to spend the time on them. Possibly later user agents will use them more. Then you're ahead of the curve.

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