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    gethostbyaddr problems

    Hi there,

    I'm working on a local LAMP installation and was using the function built into PHP called gethostbyaddr(). I was successfully getting the machine name of the person accessing the script, however when I duplicated the server using a VMWare linux distribution (imaged the server) the function gethostbyaddr() seems to be failing and only returning the IP address that I originally supplied to the function. Is there any configurations that I'm not aware of to turn this ability on in Apache? I've looked in the httpd.conf files but don't see any difference there from the original server configuration. I'm not sure if there's a php.ini setting or something that I'm not aware of. Again, even after the server was "duplicated"/imaged, it still running locally, but no longer returns my machine name. I hope my description makes sense.


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    Is your firewall (or virtual firewall?) blocking the DNS lookups?


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