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    Image XP Harddrive to Boot CD

    Does anyone know of a program that does computer imaging (or ghosting) automatically?

    Basically I need something that will copy the contents of the harddrive onto a dvd or usb drive and then you can use that medium to install the contents onto an empty computer (a laptop in this case).

    Any ideas on a program that does this? Preferably something free or open source.

    Many Thanks
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    I don't know a free program for this, but it doesn't sound like a very good idea. You can't just pull a hard drive with Windows out of one computer, plug it into another and boot it. It'll work sometimes, but other times it won't boot at all, because you'll have all the wrong drivers installed. Basic stuff like drivers for the motherboard components that aren't the same between computers.

    Plus it results in two copies of XP on the same license, which is illegal, and potential problems with Windows Activation / Windows Genuine Advantage stuff since it'll detect the change in hardware.


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