I'm wanting to upgrade Ruby on Mac 10.5.7, but can't find any documentation on how to do it. Also, I am pretty new to Mac's having spent a few good years with Windows.

I'm a newbie to Ruby, I did try it on Windows a few years back but gave up in frustration, but I want to have a another shot

I'm wanting to learn Ruby on a mac, perhaps even get a handle on how it does GUIs.

I was able to do the following:

> ruby -v
> ruby 1.8.6
> sudo gem update
Sudo gem update updated a few a few packages, how do I get a report on the one's it updated? ie: how can I be sure that everything is the latest version?


1. How do I upgrade Ruby on Mac 10.5.7
2. How do I ensure that I have the latest gem versions?