Hello i have these codes below,

PHP codes;
   $cid = array();
   $title = array();
   $email = array();
   $add_date = array();
   $i = 0;

   #$result=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM your table LIMIT $limit1, $limit2");
   $query = "SELECT * FROM castingcall LIMIT $limit1, $limit2";
   $result=mysql_query($query) or die("Problem with the query: $query on line " . __LINE__ . '<br>' . mysql_error());

   while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
      $cid[$i] = $row['castingid'];
      $title[$i] = $row['title'];
      $email[$i] = $row['email'];
      $add_date[$i] = $row['date_posted'];      

      echo "<b>". $cid[$i] ."</b>  ";
      echo " ". $title[$i];
      echo "<br>";

      $smarty->assign('cid', $cid);
      $smarty->assign('title', $title);
      $smarty->assign('email', $email);
      $smarty->assign('add_date', $add_date);      

$adminsmarty -> display( "modules/admin/viewparsingcalls.tpl" );
Smarty codes;
<ul> {foreach from=$cid item=foo} <li>{$foo}</li> {/foreach} </ul>

<ul> {foreach from=$title item=foo} <li>{$foo}</li> {/foreach} </ul>
Question: Why is it i did not print the value of the array?
What is the problem with my array & foreach?

Any help please...

Thank you in advance