We're doing a re-design on our site and trying to figure out ways to max our Amazon commish. Here's a few that we're trying to do. Just wanted to get feedback from people on how effective they think these will be and if there's anything we're missing:

1. Join Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.de. Trying to get more of the growing international market. Amazon.co.uk seems to be pretty busy but I'm not sure about the other (plus the application is in German...).

2. Try to streamline the order process. Up 'til now people have just had to keep hitting the back button to get back to our site once they purchase a book and want to buy another. We've tried frames too but don't like this much either. We're going to experiment with having another browser window open and see how that works.

Does anyone know what the most effective method of doing this would be?

3. We'll probably install one of those "Maximum Commission" scripts that allow people to search Amazon and have all the results list as maximum commission. Has anyone had experience with one of these? Also, are there similar scripts for Barnes&Noble, Fatbrain, etc.?