Hey everyone,

I'm brand new to these forums, so first and foremost, nice to meet everyone =)

Alright. I'm very much a newb with PHP. I was part way through the SitePoint guide to building database driven websites, but another project drew me into implementing a basic cookie system for a website before really getting a handle for all of the basics, so forgive my possibly terrible form.

To tell the truth, I got the first, simple implementation of the site up and running using 6 separate cookies, and the required functionality was in place. The intention was to have 6 different check-marks that would display on the main page, each one dependent on the user having completed the associated section of the website (it boils down to a series of quizzes to complete). However, I wanted to take this a step further and use array indexes for the cookies to allow me to more easily reference then in code and to make use of loops to avoid code repetition.

Now, in the process of implementing this feature, I've run into what appears to be an unrelated error... When loading the PHP controller, even when a form action button has not been pressed on the page, the form action is being sent to $_POST automatically. I'm uncertain as to what is causing it and I'm not sure what code I could even provide to pin this down.

Has anyone run into a problem such as this before?